Are You Committing These Common Packing Mistakes?

Mar 16, 2024 | Moving Tips, Packing Services

Excellent packing during a move is a cornerstone of successful relocations. You want your possessions to safely reach your new home.

Thus, it’s important to take every step of the packing process seriously. Many homeowners incorrectly pack their belongings and end up with damaged and broken items. This is no way to commemorate your moving day.

5 Common Packing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Make your big move a success and avoid these 5 common packing mistakes.

Packing Mistake #1 – Procrastination

No one wants to spend time packing. It’s a long process that leaves people completely drained. Regardless, your moving day is set and you’ll need to have your belongings packed before that date. Rushing to meet your deadline at the last minute leads to broken items and frustration.

If you are packing your own belongings, spend one day packing for each room in your home. Your best bet is to plan ahead and pack on the weekends. Otherwise, you’ll end up using your PTO to play catchup as the big day arrives.

Packing Mistake #2 – Not Having Enough Packing Supplies

Planning your packing starts with gathering enough supplies. Packing away, only to find that you’ve run out of tape, boxes, or bubble wrap is never a good time during your move.

If your moving company offers packing services, your problem is solved. If they don’t, ask your movers for an estimate of what you’ll need. If they can’t give you an answer, it’s time to look for a more professional moving company.

Packing Mistake #3 – Random Packing Strategy

You’re going through a local move, so it doesn’t matter how you pack your things, right?


Even if you’re moving down the street, packing your items properly matters. It takes one bump of a poorly packed box for one of your items to become history.

Mindful packing is an essential moving strategy. Some mindful packing tips we can offer are:

    • Packing heavier items in smaller, tighter boxes (less shifting)
    • Lighter items like clothing and bedding go together in larger boxes
    • Invest in specialty boxes for dishes and glasses

Packing Mistake #4 – Not Decluttering

If you’re packing stuff you don’t want/need anymore, you’re wasting your time and resources. Use your move as means of decluttering your life. As you’re packing, drop the sentimentality and start separating the things you don’t use anymore.

We recommend disposing of unwanted items into trash, donation, and recycling piles. Regardless of how you get rid of clutter, now is the time to do so.

Packing Mistake #5 – Attempting DIY Packing

Packing yourself may seem like the go-to option, but it isn’t. DIY packing leaves so much room for frustration and error at the end of the day. Working with a professional packing company is your best chance at a safe packing process.

We recommend working with a moving team like Element Moving & Storage when packing time arrives.

Our premier packing services ensure:

    • We correctly pack your items
    • You always have enough supplies on-hand
    • Your move is as safe as possible
    • Your belongings arrive at your new home intact

Moving and Packing Services in Dallas, TX

Your moving day should be as easy as possible. Avoid the aforementioned packing mistakes and make your life easier by hiring professional moving and packing services.

Element Moving & Storage packs and moves items of all types in Dallas, Texas. Whether you need to pack a wine collection or fine art, we are the white glove movers for the job.

Schedule your next move with Element or contact us for more information today!