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Moving Packing Service

One of the biggest pains of moving is the packing. And you don’t have to ponder long to understand why. When you’re unpacking, you at least have some form of immediate gratification you can look forward to. You get to choose the placement and decide exactly how your new home is going to “look” when everything is done. 

Not so with packing. During this part of the process you’ve got to worry about: 

  • Finding enough boxes
  • Locating specialized boxes for some of your more vulnerable or valuable possessions
  • Figuring out a way to haul everything in as few trips as possible 
  • Packing the truck

It’s stressful stuff, and it feels like you’re only just beginning. But for our packing service customers at Element Moving, it’s an entirely different story. Here’s what you can expect when you trust us to get the job done. 

Full-Service Option

Many of our customers don’t want to deal with any part of the moving process, so they’ll hire us to do everything — pack, load, ship, unload, arrange, you name it. While this is certainly the most convenient way to go, it’s not always the most cost-feasible. That said, it can relieve the logistical burdens that you’ll face as you try to pack up that $1,500 television for which you’ve long since discarded the box. 

Partial Service

A more budget-friendly option is our partial packing service. Choosing it will get you spot-check help on some of your most vulnerable items. Think kitchen dishes, antiques, family heirlooms, etc. In this scenario, you can handle however much of the packing you wish to and leave the items you really want to protect to us. 

We have packed entire kitchens and wardrobes filled with clothing while our customers handled everything else on their own. It’s really just about what you prefer for us to do. We’re ready to serve. 

Supply Provisions

Some of our customers will want to handle as much of the move as they can on their own to save on costs. But inevitably, they run into issues like the aforementioned orphaned flat-screen television. Fortunately, our trucks carry a full inventory of supplies — tailored boxes, peanuts, styrofoam, and other packing supplies. You can purchase these boxes and supplies on a case-by-case basis and not have to wait for the materials to be delivered to your door. 

Ease the Moving Process

We know the physical process of moving isn’t at the top of anyone’s bucket list. It can be back-straining, arduous work. Our packing service helps to ease that burden. And our entire suite of services can drain all the stress out of your relocation. Just contact us today to tell us what your needs are. We’re ready to help! 

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