Local Mover Tips for Safely Moving Your Gun Safe

May 10, 2022 | Moving Help, Moving Mistakes

One of the most coveted collections in many people’s homes is their gun collection. In most cases, guns and ammunition are stored away in a gun safe on a person’s proper

Gun safes can weigh thousands of pounds and are meant to remain in place. So, when a local move requires the relocation of a gun safe, many owners are left scratching their heads with how to safely transport their gun collection and safe from their old home to their new one.

Let’s take a look at how you should prep your safe for a move and why you should always opt for a professional moving company over a DIY attempt with these pieces of equipment.

Always Empty Your Safe

At Element, we will never move a gun safe that has guns and ammunition in it. Not only is leaving items in the safe a safety risk, but it also increases the chances of your valuables being damaged during a move.

Before your move-out date, take some time to properly pack away your firearms and ammunition by following these simple steps.

  1. Remove all ammunition from your guns
  2. Put the firearm’s safety “on”
  3. Write down the make/model/serial number for each gun (Purely for your records during the move)
  4. Pack your guns in a hard-shelled gun case

Clear Out Any Obstacles in the Way of Your Route

Regardless of the size of your gun safe, it’s bound to be heavy enough to cause substantial damage to any household items that it bumps into or falls on in the instance of a moving accident.

Make sure that you and your local movers plan out an official route for your gun safe’s exit. From there, clear out the route in order to ensure that no furniture or parts of your home are damaged during the move.

Hire a Moving Company Equipped for the Job

While we’ve already hinted at this tip, you should always hire a qualified moving company to handle your gun-safe relocation. Here are some of the biggest reasons why a licensed and experienced moving company is your best choice for moving your gun safely.

Movers Help Reduce Your Risks

Gun safes aren’t light pieces of equipment. Without the right tools, experience and manpower, you’re only putting yourself at risk if you attempt a DIY move.

Your Property is Protected

Not every moving company is licensed, bonded, and covered to ensure the protection of your property in the event of a moving incident. With a great amount of research and finding the right moving company, you can be certain that all of your belongings are covered during your move.

At Element Moving & Storage, our coverage ensures that any damages suffered during a move are entirely paid for. So, you can rest easier knowing that your valuable possessions are always in protected hands.

We Have the Equipment the Job Requires

Some gun-safe moves require navigating multiple floors of a home or involve substantially heavier safes. With a certified moving company, you can be certain that your movers have the necessary equipment to navigate tight locations, stairs, and any other obstacles that could arise with a gun-safe move.

Not only do we use our experience to create a methodic, stable move, but we also implement padded materials for wall protection, safe jacks for floor protection, and ultra lift motorized trucks that ensure secure transport for your gun safe.

Make Moving Easier with Element Moving & Storage

At Element Moving & Storage, we specialize in safely moving gun safes in and out of our client’s homes. Trust us to apply our extensive experience to your move and ensure that your gun-safe relocation is stress-free and safe.

Contact us today to learn more about our luxury moving services and how we can make your move a smooth experience.