Is It Safe to Hire Movers from Craigslist?

Apr 15, 2022 | Moving Blog

Elle and Lee Nesher launched Element Moving in 2010. We care deeply about offering bespoke, white-glove moving services as unique as you are in Texas and nationwide. In addition to our A+ Rating through the BBBHome Advisor 5-star rating and Consecutive Winner of the Angi Super Service Award, all of our staff are Certified Moving Consultants, who have met or exceeded the American Trucking Association’s(ATA) education and training requirements.

It’s a legitimate question – is finding a mover through Craigslist safe? Many on the website have browsed through the listings wondering if they should take the leap. Craigslist is a free listing service on the world wide web that lists postings for jobs from every field, including moving services posting online. The question is, can a person trust Craigslist movers or should they look elsewhere? Here are the main pros and cons of trusting Craigslist movers to handle your belongings.

The Advantages of Hiring Movers Craigslist


 Online Craigslist movers are among the easiest to find. Many vendor’s services are certainly affordable, and more than anything – convenient. Browse through the listings and find something to click on that catches your eye takes a matter of moments, and you’ll have an idea of just how convenient Craigslist can be. 


 As many of you know, Craigslist also holds some of the cheapest listings online. And so many are offering up their services at cheaper rates than others that finding an affordable service is no competition.

Quid Pro Quo

 By employing Craigslist services for your own benefit, you may be helping out students and unemployed people from all over your metroplex along with the economy in the process. Finding someone to move on Craigslist does a favor for them as much as it does you.

The ease of use for Craigslist shoppers is obvious. But are there any downsides? Craigslist is risky, easy, and convenient, but is it deceitful? Here are some of the disadvantages of using Craigslist for your moving company. 

The Disadvantages of Hiring Movers Craigslist


 Movers beware. There are some seedy scammers lurking among the hedges of Craigslist moving section, many of whom display the right appearances using flashy photos and a description, for example. But take caution – this is how moving scammers dress up their post as legitimate and attempt to rip off customers who call in. 

Anonymous Posters

Posters on Craigslist have no need for reviews, references, or a website of any kind. These postings can come from anyone in the world without needing a background check. If you’re looking for references or more information, it won’t come through Craigslist.

Lack of a Protection Policy

What if you encounter a mistake, a fraud, or an error during your move? If hiring off of Craigslist, that’s just too bad. If anything happens on the move, the customer won’t have any recourse means of refund. That’s because Craigslist movers often have no consumer protection policy whatsoever.


The fact of the matter is, anyone can post to Craigslist. Regardless of whether or not sources claim to be professional, Craigslist ads do not feature a Better Business Bureau rating and have usually been in the business (if they aren’t students) no more than a few years. 

Uncertified and Unreliable

Movers from Craigslist may not show up for work, or worse – show up late, avoid eye contact, bang up furniture, and forget the moving address. These real-life situations play out in cases when the movers you hire are unreputable and unreliable. Worse still, rogue movers won’t be bonded or insured, so your belongings are in their hands of someone with no insurance. On Craigslist, there’s really no way of knowing who’s going to show up at your door until they get there.

The Solution: Licensed, Bonded Moving Professionals

Craigslist may help you find cheap services, but you’ll have to be on your guard to avoid a possible fraud. The movers may only be worthwhile if handling unsentimental items or moving them across short distances. For any other moving type (and we would recommend all moves, period) hiring a reputable moving company is the safest bet. The professional premium is worth the price it for a safe and reliable move. Element Moving is bonded and insured moving company with qualified, experienced professionals dedicated to relocating sensitive materials, so you can have confidence in your move. If you’re not sure where to go or who to use, give Element Movers a call for a safe and professional move.