Is Hiring a Professional Moving Company Worth It?

Jul 30, 2022 | Luxury Movers, Moving Tips

If you’re planning a local move, you may be on the fence about whether to self-move or hire a professional moving company to help you out. 

Before we delve into the reasons why hiring a moving company is well worth the money, the team at Element Moving & Storage needs to clear the air. Anyone with a truck can call themselves a mover and put your belongings at risk. 

Licenses, insurance, and testimonials are your best friends at this time, and simple research makes your decision to hire a moving company truly worth it.

Once you’ve found your potential full-service moving company, here are six of the biggest reasons why you should get your move on their schedule.

Professional Movers Keep You Safe

Moving heavy furniture, television sets, and large boxes in general, can be disastrous with just one misstep. Save yourself the back pain or potential hospital visit and hire a professional mover.

Not only do our teams have the equipment to safely move your large pieces out of your home, but we also have our safe moving maneuvers down to a science. 

Have a piano that needs to be taken apart before a move? Have a few large bookshelves that you’re dreading to take apart? Let the moving experts help take the stress off your shoulders.

We Help in Any Weather Conditions

Sometimes a move comes at the most inconvenient time and you may be forced to relocate during a heatwave or the latest Texas snowpocalypse. 

Sure you could accomplish a local move in uncomfortable conditions; but why would you want to add that pressure to your moving day?

Local moving professionals can use their equipment and expertise to move you quickly in any weather and keep you from breaking an unnecessary sweat on your big day!

Our Packing Services Lighten Your Load

No one actually wants to pack up and box their lives away before a move. Let licensed local movers do the dirty work for you! Our full-service moving company offers each of our clients the opportunity to have us pack, load, and unpack their belongings for them.

Not only does this keep clients safer during a move, but it also guarantees:

  • Cautious packing practices
  • Superior organization
  • An overall faster move into a new home

We Keep Your Collections Safe and Insured

Expensive art collections or years’ worth of curated wine bottles can be not only tricky to move, but difficult to insure with a value mover. A high-end moving company like Element Moving & Storage has the experience necessary to safely move any and all valuable collections to your new home. 

We even go beyond standard mover’s insurance and give our clients the option of moving valuation that guarantees our personal maximum level of liability coverage.

Need Extra Packing Supplies? We Have Your Back!

Sometimes homeowners underestimate just how many boxes and sets of packing tape and labels they’ll need for a move. Rather than having the owner go out and hunt down last minute items at a store, professional movers usually have these items on-hand and ready for use.

In fact, when using our packing services the team at Element Moving & Storage guarantees that your move will never want for any or all essential packing supplies.

Planning Speeds the Process Up

Before we even pack the first box, our movers take some time to plan your move before the move out date. We will analyze your items, assess the distance between your old home and the new one, and put together a comprehensive moving plan that leaves no detail overlooked.

Our planning process makes your move a faster, more efficient process; allowing you and your family to get into the groove of enjoying your new home, sooner than later.

Simplify Your Next Local Move with Element Moving & Storage

If your local move feels too overwhelming and you need a helping hand, the professional movers of Element Moving & Storage are here for you! We have the equipment and experience to safely and quickly move your family from point A to point B.

Trust us with your household furniture, packing needs, and even your valued collections. No matter the size and scope of your move, Element always has your back. Contact us today to schedule our Dallas moving services.