How to Move Without Stressing Out Your Pet

Jan 14, 2022 | Moving Tips, Tips

Pets seem to be some of the most sensitive members of our families. They always seem to sniff out change and aren’t always the most receptive to the “disruption” of their lifestyle.

Specifically, a move is a situation that can stress your dog or cat out. While you may have already picked out a new vet and acquired their documents for your big move, it’s best to consider the steps you can take towards making their move to your new home a pleasant one.

Follow our tips to make your move a pet-friendly experience.

Get Them Acquainted With Packing Supplies

Although you may have ordered packing services that involve your movers providing essential packing supplies, it can be helpful to get your pets used to these items well before your moving day.

We suggest grabbing some boxes a month or so before the move and starting packing early. Leave the open moving boxes around the house and let your pets get acquainted with the sight of them. This familiarity can help reduce the stress of your pet seeing countless boxes being packed up on and around your actual moving date.

Prepare an Unpacking Kit

As much as you want to get settled into your new home right away, the truth is, it may take a few days. Many movers prepare for this situation by encouraging families to pack some easy-to-reach essentials for this brief adjustment period. Make sure that your pet is set with an unpacking kit of their own and has quick access to their old bed, food/water bowls, and their favorite toys.

You want your pet to feel at home in their new home, so make every effort possible to keep them comfortable in the days directly following your move.

Don’t Change Up Their Routine

As we’ve mentioned before, pets don’t love change. So, even with the hustle and bustle of a local or long-distance move, make sure to keep your pet’s stress levels down by sticking to the routine they already know:

  • Keep to their playtime schedule
  • Feed them when they are usually fed
  • Take them outside on their normal schedule
  • Spend a little extra quality time with them when the action dies down

Secure Your Pet on Moving Day

Moving from one home to another can leave your pet’s “kingdom” in disarray and lead to increased stress levels. Many homeowners make moving arrangements for family or friends to hold onto pets until the move is complete.

However, this isn’t always the situation. When there are no other options for keeping your pet secure during your move, we suggest picking out a room that’s already been moved out and making it their safe space while strangers and their loved ones are hectically moving about.

Let Movers Know You Have Pets at Home

Meanwhile, let your moving team know that you have pets at home and where they are located. There will be lots of action on your moving day and doors will need to be left open for the move.

Although it’s your responsibility to ensure that your pets don’t wander off during a move, a reliable moving company will always be willing to keep an eye out for four-legged friends sniffing around where they don’t belong.

The knowledge of pets within the home keeps you, your pet, and your movers safer throughout the move.

Take the Stress Out of Any Move With Element Moving & Storage

Whether you have pets or not, any move can become a stressful experience with the wrong moving team involved. Make sure that your next move is one that leaves your family with great memories of the big day.

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