How to Avoid Slip-Ups When Moving in the Rain

Sep 1, 2022 | Blog

When moving day finally arrives, one of the worst things to wake up to is rain, and the heavier the rain, the worse that experience can be. All kinds of things will probably start going through your head including worries about your belongings getting damaged thanks to the water, to real concerns about slipping and experiencing an injury while struggling through the downpour.

In some situations, the amount of rain coming down might be too heavy to even think about moving forward with the process. As most people living in North Texas know, the weather around the area can be highly unpredictable, and trying to get anything done in a heavy downpour means taking a few important precautions.

To help people be as prepared as possible when trying to get through a move on a rainy day, our team here at Element Moving has put together some important advice on how to stay safe and avoid slipping or suffering an injury.

Start with the Basics and Check Your Feet

Slipping and falling when the ground is wet is no small matter, especially when heavy loads or large objects are involved. Even if the ground normally feels secure, the presence of water and rain can make it possible for an accident to occur that could lead to damaged belongings or even an injury.

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of dealing with this type of problem is to check the planned route between the building and the vehicle and wear proper footwear. Shoes with rubber soles are a great choice for this purpose, and hiking shoes can be an excellent option. Things like sandals – especially flip-flops – can be a risk that just isn’t worth taking.

Get Organized and Make a Plan

If you’re working with a professional moving team to execute your move, then establishing a plan can go a long way towards reducing the risk for everyone involved while also minimizing potential water damage to your belongings. If everyone involved in the move simply carries their own load out of the vehicle, then the interiors of an area will get wet, and increasingly risky because of the rain.

The best way to minimize this kind of problem is to establish a working order so that certain people stay inside, and hand boxes to the person or people who are outside. This way, the interiors stay dry, and everyone can stay focused on their assigned role.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Even if you follow our advice and keep certain people outside while others stay inside, there will probably be at least one occasion where those people who stayed in the rain will need to come back in. Instead of letting them walk all over the beaten pathway while dripping water everywhere, there are a few options available.

The quickest and most efficient option is to take advantage of affordable non-slip mats. These can be easy to find at a local store, and in most cases will provide a great way to keep certain areas from becoming a slipping hazard during a move.

Another useful tool to have available if you expect rain might stand in the way of you and your moving date is a supply of tarps. By wrapping objects such as your furniture or other vulnerable belongings in these durable wrappings, you can not only keep the rain from causing damage to the things you own but also reduce the chances of making a mistake or slipping thanks to the increased peace of mind.

Above All, Stay Safe

Even if you’re on a tight schedule and have concerns about making sure your entire moving process is done regardless of the weather, safety should still be a major concern. Slipping while moving during a rainstorm will not only slow down the entire process but also potentially damage your belongings and worse still, put you at risk of a serious injury.

Instead of feeling pressured to rush through a move to avoid as much of the rain as possible, make sure that you are following the tips above to execute the move in a safe, efficient way. Rushing increases the chances of making mistakes, and being in a hurry during a rainstorm is never a good idea.

Get Professional Moving Help When You Need it Most

For more advice on how to handle moving on a rainy day, or to get help from moving professionals to make sure everything is handled as smoothly as possible, be sure to contact Element Moving right away!