How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Mar 11, 2022 | Local, Moving Tips

Tipping after professional movers is one of the best ways to say “thank you for a job well done”.

While there seems to be a standard for tipping workers in the food and beverage industry, many people seem to get hung up on how much to tip movers?

Is Tipping Mandatory?

As with all services, tipping your mover isn’t something that’s mandatory or tacked onto your final bill, but is a general common courtesy.

No matter how large or small your move is, it’s always best to keep in mind that there is a high level of physical manpower at work to move your valuables and safety risks that you’re avoiding through the help of a moving company.

How Should You Approach Tipping Your Movers?

If your moving day is quickly approaching and you haven’t factored in how much you need to tip your movers, here are some items to consider that ensure a fair tipping amount that puts your graciousness on full display for your moving team.

Consider Scope of Moving and Packing Services

Before we start getting into the specifics of the average tip per mover, it’s always good to know the extent of the services your moving company provides. Appropriate tipping amounts can easily change when services shift from standard moving to full-service jobs.

Some items to keep in mind when preparing your tipping budget include:

  • How much organization do your movers have to do to prep the move
  • Whether or not they have provided you with packing materials
  • How valuable the items are they are moving (i.e. wine collections, art, antiques, etc.)
  • Whether your movers have to pack for you
  • The amount of oversized or difficult items in your move
  • The general layout of your home and how difficult navigation is

Smaller Moves

In general, the tipping amount that most people follow is based on what they are most comfortable tipping. However, if you are a single person and making a smaller move, the standard tip for a shorter move is around $5 per hour, per mover, or a flat rate tip of $20 per mover.

Large Moves

As your move becomes more complicated not only will the price of your general move increase, but so should the amount that you tip your movers. When your move becomes more complex, be prepared to tip between $40 and $60 dollars per mover.

Why Listen to Me?
Elle is an owner of Element Moving & StorageMy husband, Lee Nesher and I (Elle Nesher) launched Element Moving in 2010. We care deeply about offering bespoke, white-glove moving services as unique as you are in Texas and nationwide. In addition to our A+ Rating through the BBBHome Advisor 5-star rating and Consecutive Winner of the Angi Super Service Award, all of our staff are Certified Moving Consultants, who have met or exceeded the American Trucking Association’s(ATA) education and training requirements.

When Long-Distance Come Into Play

When your move is a long-distance move that may take days to complete, keep the number of hours your movers are “on the job” in mind and factor the tip in based on how many items they are moving and the heft of the items being moved.

Aside from general tips at the end of the job, it’s also a show of good faith to purchase some meals on the road for the movers helping to get your lives cross-country.

Get Your Money’s Worth

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We are able to safely move your valuable and standard items, whether your move is local or long-distance.

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