How Element Moving & Storage Protects Your Items During a Move

Jul 22, 2019 | Moving Blog

We’ve all seen those comedy sketches where a person carefully writes “Fragile” on a box packed with their finest china, only to cringe as the movers they’ve hired ignore the warning and toss the box around clumsily. If you think about it too hard, you can almost hear the dishes break. This scenario is a cliché for a reason; not all movers will treat your belongings with care and respect like we do at Element Moving and Storage.

Moving fragile objects without harming them takes a level of dedication that is becoming harder to find these days. Element Moving and Storage is a family-owned business, so we feel a strong connection to our community and a duty to give customers the very best experience we can. This includes delivering their belongings in perfect condition. We never cut corners just to save a dollar, and we always treat our clients with the same respect we show to our own family.

Here are some of the ways we go the extra mile to make sure your possessions arrive safe and sound.

Careful Packing Techniques

Our experienced movers specialize in handling heirlooms, fragile antiques, oddly-shaped furniture, and all sorts of art and collectibles. They understand that your precious belongings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and that some items are more prone to shifting during transport. They will never stack packages on top of breakable items or allow boxes to slide back and forth in transit.

Sturdy Packing Materials

When we have especially delicate or valuable cargo, we take the time to wrap it securely so that it has extra layers of protection. We only use the best materials because we don’t believe in skimping on quality when it comes to the safety of your items. Some of our professional-grade materials include thick cardboard cartons, cushioning wrap, strong packing tape, layers of fine tissue and acid-free paper, and protective padding.

Cautious Transport

We are always acutely aware that we are transporting more than just items; we are transporting priceless memories. Our movers are cautious when it comes to loading your boxes and driving them to their new location. We drive carefully so that we don’t jostle the cargo. If we need to secure the boxes, we will. If we need to assign a person to sit in the back and make sure the boxes don’t slide, we’ll do that, too! Whatever it takes, we will do it to get your belongings safely to their final stop.

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Unpacking with Care

Our team works tirelessly to provide the best customer service experience. That’s why they take the time to unpack your fragile belongings after arrival and arrange them in your new space according to your specifications. It’s just one of the many ways Element Moving and Storage gives back to the customers who have helped us achieve so much.

Element Moving and Storage: The Next Generation of Excellence

We are proud to be known for our exceptional service and care. In keeping with our family tradition of excellence, we show up to each job ready to get to work packing, transporting, and delivering your cherished belongings. Our movers get the job done efficiently, but they never rush. You can be sure that when you hire Element Moving and Storage, you are entrusting your items to the best movers in Austin and Dallas.

When you’re looking for reliable moving service, it doesn’t pay to go with a lesser company. Call Element Moving and Storage today and rest easy knowing your cargo is in good hands.