Common Local Move Problems a High-End Moving Company can Eliminate

Jun 30, 2021 | Moving Tips

High-end local moves often involve clients who need to move large, expensive collections of art, wine, antiques, and furniture. A local move may seem like a standard affair that doesn’t require a specialty moving company. DIY attempts and picking the first company with a truck off of Google can put your collection and entire move at risk

Take your move across town seriously and put your belongings in the hands of a local luxury moving company that knows how to handle your goods with care.

Here are some problems that an experienced high-end moving company can help you avoid on your next move.

Moving Scams

One of the dangers associated with picking a random moving company is that you run the risk of either getting caught up in a scam or stuck with a moving team that can’t safely handle your moving requirements.

Not every moving company is a licensed, insured team and unfortunately, anyone with a truck and some optimization experience can make their way to your search results page. 

Avoid costly mistakes or outright fraud by researching potential moving companies:

  • What are their exact services?
  • What do their reviews say about them?
  • Are they insured? 
  • Are they experienced with your moving needs?

A high-end moving company guarantees all of your needs are met and alleviates the stress and doubt that comes attached to a moving company with a dubious reputation and cheap price.

Delays Due to Bad Weather

If you are attempting a local move on your own or have some friends helping you out with a rented U-Haul, being unprepared for unpredictable bad weather can really hamper your progress.

An experienced moving company is dedicated to meeting all moving deadlines no matter what. We will always be prepared with essential equipment that guarantees your goods are protected against inclement weather, and that your move is carried out quickly and safely.

Costly Damages

From poor packing practices to scuffing up furniture and property on the way in or out of a home, several things can go wrong in a move that can ruin irreplaceable items or cost a homeowner thousands in damages.

A premium moving company can help offset disaster through their general insurance plan and the added protection of valuation coverage. This ensures that no matter what happens during your move, your items are covered to a specific extent by the moving company itself. 

An Unplanned, Unorganized Move

Even a local move requires a high degree of planning and organization. Without these elements, your experience could be costly and frustrating. A professional moving company that works with high-end clients will specialize in helping you plan out your move and get your items organized. 

From packing to unpacking your belongings upon arriving at your new home, Element Moving & Storage will work out a schedule with you that takes the pressure out of moving and lets you focus on the excitement of moving into your new home.

Make Your High-End Local Move Simple with Element Moving & Storage

If you are planning a move that involves priceless valuables or collections that you want to preserve for years to come, trust the moving experts of Element Moving & Storage to help you get the job done well

Our luxury movers are experienced with moving high end materials and can guarantee that your local move follows through without issue. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment to discuss your big moving plans!