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We strive to be the highest rated local & long distance moving and storage company in Texas.

Plano Movers and Packers

When it’s time to move, you want local, Plano movers and packers that you can trust to safely transport your most valued possessions. That’s why people choose Element Moving and Storage for their relocation needs.

Movers handling AntiquesWe are a luxury moving and packing company that provides white-glove service in Plano from start to finish. Our professionally-trained movers carefully pack and wrap your items with the utmost care, using high-quality packing supplies.

On moving day, you can expect our movers to efficiently load your belongings onto our clean, moving trucks and deliver them to your new home or business as swiftly as possible. You’ll receive personalized attention and extra amenities like optional climate-controlled residential storage and GPS tracking of your items. For a move that exceeds expectations, put your trust in Element Moving and Storage. 

Phone: 972-805-0988

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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Payment Methods: Payments can be made using cash or postal money order. Other payment options, such as a credit card, can be arranged prior to delivery. Discuss these options with our relocation specialist assigned to your upcoming move.

Moving and Packing Services for Plano, TX

Element Moving and Storage provides local moving and packing services for discerning clients in Plano and Collin County.  Learn more about our services below. 

Plano Movers

With a team of expert movers using high-quality packing materials and equipment, Element ensures safe transportation of valuables and efficient delivery to the new home. For those seeking a moving experience that beats the standard guy with a truck. Contact us today to schedule your free moving estimate.

Plano Packing & Unpacking Services

The packing process can be one of the most stressful parts of moving, but the experts at Element Moving Company make it smooth and hassle-free. Our white-glove packing service means we carefully wrap and pack all your belongings (while wearing actual white, cloth gloves)

Our tried and true process ensures fragile items are properly protected. We use the best packing materials available from high-quality bubble wrap, tissue, to specialty crates and boxes that safeguard your valuables during the move.

Finally, on moving day, once we arrive at your destination, we’ll unpack all your belongings and place them exactly where you want them in your new home. We’ll even unpack and hang fine art, curtains, and mounted television sets.  If you’re not happy with the configuration, let us know. We’ll return and re-arrange all items to your satisfaction.

What Everyone is Saying

…about our movers and packers

⭐Exceptional Customer Service: People say they love the friendly, responsive, and accommodating nature of our movers and packers. The fact that we ensure a stress-free moving experience is often mentioned by our customers.  One reviewer even went as far as saying our movers and packers became like “family” through multiple moves, highlighting the personal touch that we bring to every move.

⭐Attention to Detail: We are especially recognized for careful packing of fragile items like glass furniture. Customers praise our meticulous and careful approach to packing and wrapping their items.  Our careful handling and protection with packing prevents damage during transit.

⭐Reliability:  Aside from having one of the lowest claims rates in the moving industry, reviewers cite our professionalism, punctuality, meeting deadlines, and handling unexpected changes smoothly.  We understand that you may experience issues with other moving companies that make you skeptical about hiring our movers and packers, but customers vouch for our trustworthiness in their reviews online.

⭐Efficiency & Speed: Previous customers were impressed by our movers’ speed and ability to get the job done quickly without compromising quality. They describe how our movers and packers work like a “well-oiled machine” and appreciate the time-saving aspects of our moving services.

Plano Moving and Packing FAQs

How much is packing service for moving?
The price of packing services can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your move. On average, you can expect to pay between $280-$2200 for a professional packing company to pack a home.

The exact price rate will depend on factors like the amount of items being packed, the fragility and value of belongings, the packing materials needed, the number of rooms packed, and the level of service required.

What’s the last thing you should pack before moving?
You want the last things you pack to be the things that you know you’ll need the first couple of days in your new home. Items like toiletries, chargers, medicines, and a few items of clothing should be everything you need to ensure your first nights in your new home are stress-free.

How to pack a tv for moving?
When moving a TV, proper packing is crucial to keep it safe from damage. Element offers flat screen tv packing and installation among our comprehensive moving services.  If you’d rather DIY it – here are some tips to pack a tv. Start by purchasing a TV box specially designed for moving and check that it is the right size for your TV model.

Carefully place the TV in the box, securing it with packing paper or bubble wrap so it does not shift during transit.

Be sure to cushion the screen by taping a layer of protective material over it. Seal the TV box completely with strong tape. Clearly label the box as containing a TV and indicate which side should be facing up during the move.

Professionally packing your TV this way with Element Moving during your Plano move will minimize the risk of cracks, scratches, or other damage during loading, transport, and unloading.

How to pack dishes for moving?
When packing dishes for a move, it’s important to carefully wrap and cushion each piece to prevent breakage. First, ensure you have a generous supply of packing paper, bubble wrap, and small boxes suitable for plates, bowls, and glassware.

Next, wrap each dish individually in a layer or two of paper or bubble wrap. Use added cushioning on delicate items like crystal. Place wrapped dishes in stacks surrounded by paper in sturdy small boxes, filling any empty spaces.

Finally, label boxes as “Fragile – Dishes” and keep them light enough to lift safely. Pack plates vertically instead of stacking flat. This keeps pressure off of your delicate dishes.

How do you pack artwork for moving?
Packing artwork requires special care and materials to keep it safe during a move. For smaller pieces like paintings, wrap the canvas in a soft cloth or bubble wrap before placing it in a sturdy art box.

Use plenty of padding around the piece to cushion it.

For fragile or valuable art, consider hiring Element Moving. We specialize in moving delicate art, framed art, and larger pieces like sculptures.

Pack artwork vertically in furniture pads in a crate to prevent shifting. Clearly label boxes as fragile art. Avoid exposing art to extreme temperatures or moisture during transport.

What should I pack myself before a move?
Some things you should absolutely pack on your own include important documents like birth certificates, passports, jewelry, and small family heirlooms you want to move with you in your own vehicle.

Is there anything that I shouldn’t or cannot pack before a move?
Don’t pack any perishable foods that may spoil before the move, such as fresh produce, meat, dairy, etc. These should be consumed or discarded before packing.

Flammable liquids like paints, solvents, and cleaning chemicals are unsafe to pack. Make arrangements to move these with your mover.

Any medications you need to take regularly should not be packed early. Keep these available until move day.

Live plants should be transported carefully in your personal vehicle and not packed in boxes too long.

Irreplaceable valuables like jewelry are best kept with you vs. entrusted to movers over an extended period.


Full Service Movers and Packers

For more information about a specific moving, packing or storage solution – click on the link below:

Local Movers  |  Long Distance Movers  | Commercial Movers  | Professional Packers 

Professional Unpacking Service | Climate Controlled Storage | Temporary Furniture Storage 

I’m looking for movers near me in Plano TX — how do I know who to trust?


Reputation stands for a lot when it comes to shopping the market for local packers and movers in Plano, Texas. When a moving company is handling all of your valuable belongings — you shouldn’t trust just anyone with such a high-stakes obligation.

With Element Moving and Storage, you are working with a reliable team of Plano local packers and movers that:

  • Is closely vetted by our company
  • In high standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • A certified PROMOVER company
  • An Angie’s List Super Service Award recipient for three years

Whether you’re working with our professional piano movers in Plano TX, or relying on our team for a full residential or commercial move, we practice care, caution and supreme organization to streamline your move.

I need Plano movers near me to move specialty items – can you help?

From appliances to delicate antiques, our Plano movers and packers can address the specific needs of certain items. You simply won’t get this with the average moving service.

If you’re thinking “I want to hire movers near me in Plano TX, but I am not sure it would be worth it,” then we invite you to consult with a relocation specialist at Element and get a free estimate. We will outline our services for your move so you can see the value in what we offer. Instead of taking our word for it, read what our previous customers had to say about their experience moving with Element Moving.  In fact, we’ve also got plenty of customer videos that demonstrate our committment to making your move a smooth success!

Our Plano local packers and movers are excited and ready to bring efficiency to your next move. Give us a call today at 1(972) 805-0988!


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