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Plano Fine Art Movers

Element Moving and Storage is one of the area’s most reliable fine art movers in PlanoOur local, certified fine art movers offer a seamless blend of expertise, precision, and unparalleled dedication to the preservation of your most treasured possessions. Our sterling reputation as a fine art mover was built upon years of delivering flawless art relocation throughout Plano and surrounding communities. Element Moving and Storage has become the go-to choice for those seeking professionalism and perfectionism in art transportation. 

Our highly trained art movers understands the delicate nature of art, treating each piece with the utmost care and employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a secure journey. 

From intricate sculptures to priceless paintings, Element Moving and Storage manages the complexities of art relocation with finesse, making the art moving process as smooth and worry-free as a brushstroke on a canvas. 

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Payment Methods: Payments can be made using cash or postal money order. Other payment options, such as a credit card, can be arranged prior to delivery. Discuss these options with our relocation specialist assigned to your upcoming move.

What Types of Fine Art Can You Move?

Element Movers relocate donated statue to Barns ParkOur fine art moving portfolio showcases versatility and expertise.  From the delicate handling of priceless canvases, framed art, and antique vases to the meticulous transportation of 3,000-pound sculptures, our team has consistently demonstrated a mastery of diverse art forms. 

We take pride in having successfully moved fossils for museums, ensuring the preservation of these ancient artifacts. Additionally, our Plano art movers have experience transitioning statues from private estates to public parks with precision and care. Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, photographs, or historical artifacts, Element Moving and Storage has proven time and again that we are the trusted guardians of your most cherished and valuable possessions.

How To Wrap Fine Art for Moving

If you are moving art pieces on your own, follow our DIY art moving techniques to ensure their safe transport. 

Start by gathering high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, acid-free tissue paper, and sturdy cardboard boxes. For framed artwork, use corner protectors and wrap them securely with bubble wrap. Unframed canvases can be rolled and placed in specialized art tubes for added protection. 

Label each box clearly with the contents and indicate whether the items are fragile. Additionally, create a detailed inventory list to keep track of each artwork during the move. When loading the items into the moving truck, place them upright and secure them to prevent shifting during transit.

Our Meticulous Approach

While these DIY techniques can be effective for smaller, less delicate pieces, it’s crucial to recognize the limitations. For valuable or large artworks, sculptures, and other precious items, the expertise of fine art movers in Plano is indispensable to ensure the utmost care and security throughout the entire moving process.  Element Moving and Storage employs a meticulous approach. Our movers utilizes custom packaging materials designed specifically for delicate artwork and climate control. 

Each piece is carefully wrapped, padded, and secured to prevent any potential damage during transit. If you need to store your art longer term, our climate-controlled storage facility provides an optimal environment, protecting artwork from temperature fluctuations and humidity. 

With a keen understanding of the nuances involved in art relocation, we take every precaution to guarantee the safe and secure transport of your valuable pieces, offering you peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of your cherished artworks.

Fine Art Mover FAQs

Do you move large pieces of art?

The team at Element Moving is trained to move even the largest pieces of art. From immense framed pieces to statues, we’ve relocated large pieces of art with ease. We’ve seen it all and can ensure your large art pieces make it safely to their destination.

How do you pack unframed art?

We employ a meticulous approach when packing unframed art to guarantee its secure transportation during the move. Unframed pieces are delicately wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to shield them from scratches.We then add multiple layers of bubble wrap to provide an additional cushioning effect, ensuring protection against impacts during transit.

We utilize custom-sized cardboard or corrugated sheets that craft a tailored protective layer around the artwork, maintaining its structural integrity. The carefully wrapped art is then placed inside a sturdy, appropriately sized box, sealed securely with packing tape. Each box is labeled with a detailed description, marked as fragile, and may include arrows indicating the upright position.

How do you transport art?

Our fine art movers begin by carefully loading securely packed artwork onto our specialized vehicles equipped with climate-controlled features. Our premier fleet shields the art from temperature fluctuations and humidity. We strategically position each piece to prevent any shifting during transit. When you move fine art in Plano, Texas, the entire transportation process is conducted with precision and attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to delivering red carpet moving services with every move we make.

How much does it cost to transport a sculpture?

The cost to move a sculpture usually starts at around $1,000 per piece. However, we aim to give you the most accurate estimate possible. Contact Element today to schedule your in-person estimate, where we’ll review your sculpture and give you an honest quote based on its size and weight.

Do you hang wall art at the new location?

 Yes, we will hang wall art at your new location. At Element Moving, we prioritize every step of the move, including completing finishing touches like hanging your art.

Full Service Movers in Plano

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