5 Friendship things for your Moving Friends

Moving is stressful and time-intensive.  If you have a friend or family member who is moving, there are some thoughtful things you can do to help out.

1. Bring some food. The moving day is long, and no cooking is possible. It is often not possible to leave to pick up a meal. Taking over some take-out will be greatly appreciated.

2. Help with pets. Offer to take the animals to your house while the movers are doing the moving. Or, you could come over and watch them or walk them.

3. Do a little clean-up. Taking up a little slack by sweeping, cleaning surfaces, or doing any number of little cleaning duties can be really helpful.

4. Watch the children. If there are children involved, especially young ones, a helping hand can be a family-saver.

5. Run errands. There are always last-minute items that come up. Be available for those, such as dropping off keys or picking up mail.  Take some plants. If there are houseplants, chances are they won’t be moving. Offer to take them or find them new homes.