What is the Difference between Residential & Commercial Moving?

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Tips, Uncategorized

Many people think that the same company that handles your household moves handles a commercial move. This assumption is far from the truth. Moving your office is a completely different animal from moving your household. These types of moves require a different set of skills and knowledge compared to moving someone’s home. Moving specialists who know how to properly pack, load, and ship your china may not be the best person qualified to pack, load, and ship your company’s servers.

Previous Commercial Moving Experience is Important

Moving companies that specialize in doing commercial moves are experts in large-scale moves for commercial businesses. They have the know-how and manpower to move your commercial office or industrial warehouses. You will find that a professional mover who handles commercial moves can also do household moves. It’s important that a moving company keeps these areas separate so that the moving specialist can focus on performing the most efficient and effective move for their clients.

Commercial Moving Companies Help You Optimize Your New Office Space

A professional moving company that specializes in commercial moves has dedicated space for your furniture and office equipment. Not only will they break down your office furniture, move it, and put it back together in the new location, but they will advise where to place the new furniture. It is like having a professional interior designer help you optimize your space for great working conditions.

This is good to know even when you’re looking for new office space, get your professional moving company involved to help you save money in the long term by recommending a layout that would accommodate your staff and equipment.

Element Moving & Storage is a Professional Commercial Moving Company

Moving is stressful and the level of stress that you suffer can be directly related to the people you have helping you move. At Element Moving & Storage, we are ready to take on that challenge to ensure that your move is stress-free. Contact us today to get a quote or book an appointment for your next move.