Top 8 Things You Should Do First When Moving to a New Place

Jul 24, 2022 | Moving Blog

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Big moves can be exciting and full of promise. After all, a new residence represents the beginning of a new chapter of your life. Moves can also be full of stress if you haven’t planned them out thoroughly. It’s understandable if some tasks slip your mind in the midst of all the chaos, so we’ve put together this handy list of things you should do first when you move to a new home.

1). Get Your Mail Forwarded

As soon as you have a moving date, you can request a change of address so that your mail gets sent to your new place. This is important because you don’t want to miss any important letters. You can forward your mail by visiting your local post office or using the online change of address form.

2). Set Up Utilities

You’ll want to turn on utilities at your new home as soon as you have a move-in date. Most utility companies make it easy to transfer your existing service to a new address by calling them or visiting their website. If you’re setting up new service, it’s a good time to shop around for the best deals on electricity and Internet.

3). Inspect the Place

Whether you’re purchasing a home or renting one, it’s a good idea to check for signs of damage and take photos to document your findings. That way you’ll know what you’re dealing with and you can prove you didn’t cause the damage yourself.

4). Deep Clean

Nobody wants a new beginning in a dirty home. You can give your new place a spring cleaning any time of year to make it smell nice and feel more inviting. Sweep, scrub, vacuum, and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. Give it a pleasant, personalized scent with candles or oil warmers.

5). Change Air Filters

Check to make sure the air filters have been replaced. Dirty air filters can cause respiratory problems and make your AC unit overwork itself because of limited air flow. If they look dirty, go ahead and change them out. They could be filled with dust, pet dander, smoke particles, or any number of allergens from previous residents.

6). Unpack the Essentials

If, like most of us, you’ve been surviving on fast food during your move, you might be eager to get back to cooking for yourself. Unpack your essential items, like cookware, personal hygiene tools, and bed sheets, before everything else. That way, if you need more time to unpack, you’ll at least have the items you need to function.

7). Greet Your Neighbors

You don’t have to be a people person to go and introduce yourself to your new neighbors. A simple hello and a handshake will usually suffice. If you feel comfortable doing so, you might want to exchange phone numbers so you can alert each other during emergencies, power outages, or other important events.

8). Consider Your Pets

If you have pets, remember that moves can stress them out, too. Try to keep them as removed as possible from the bustle of packing, loading and unloading. Try placing them in a room with their favorite blankets and toys. Close the door or use a baby gate to keep your pets sequestered. Then, when things have quieted down, bring them out and let them explore the new space.

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