7 Ways to Spot a Rogue Mover

Oct 29, 2021 | Moving Tips

Rogue movers are a stain on the integrity of the local moving industry. Rather than help guarantee a safe move, rogue movers are in the business of scamming money out of innocent homeowners.

We always say that you should never leave your move in the hands of any person with a truck. Here’s where we help you ensure that you spot the red flags of a rogue mover before they can make a dent in your belongings and finances.

They Don’t Schedule an In-Home Review

If your moving company doesn’t offer a free in-home evaluation of your items, it’s best to walk away. An in-home review allows your moving team to flesh out their plan for the big day and ensure they arrive with the most qualified team and equipment.

Without a review, a rogue moving company could quote you whatever they please, even if they aren’t qualified to get the job done safely.

They Ask for a Large Portion of Payment Upfront

A legitimate moving company will come out and quote your job, expecting payment after the move is complete. 

If a moving company asks for a large deposit or payment before the actual move starts, the chances are that on your moving day, you may be out thousands and have no moving company to get you to your new home. 

They Don’t Have an HQ

Any “business” that only has a website with a contact us button as their only means of communication is likely a scam.

A legitimate moving company will offer a working phone number and have a physical address you can visit. All basic information about a moving company should be easily found on their website. If you can’t track them down in the real world, find a professional local moving company that is ready to meet you face to face without having to hunt them down.

The Low Price Seems Too Low

If you work with a moving company that doesn’t make it out to your home to survey your items but still offers an extremely low quote, the situation is too good to be true. 

One of the most typical scams of a rogue mover is giving a low quote, loading a homeowner’s items into their trucks, and then holding the belongings ransom as they ask for an exorbitantly higher price to complete the move.

Always make sure that your moving company is upfront with the cost of your move and offers a price that is similar to other movers of their caliber.

They Can’t Determine a Price Until After You’re Packed Up

Much like a very low price, if a moving company won’t even give you a price until after the move, just say no, and continue your search.

This is a sure sign of a rogue mover and almost always guarantees a ransom scenario once they drop a surprisingly large bill on you for their moving services.

They Aren’t Actually Licensed

Any rogue mover trying to get your money is going to tell you they are licensed. Moving is a heavily regulated industry where licensing is required. Essentially, if they aren’t licensed, they aren’t legally eligible to move you.

Don’t let yourself be duped by a fake license. Take the initiative and check their licensing yourself. Local moving licensing and long-distance licensing are easy to look up. If your mover doesn’t show up in these databases, they’re a rogue operation you should never work with.

They Don’t Offer You Federally Regulated Documents

In the United States, every moving company is federally regulated to provide the booklet, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” If they don’t offer you one, ask for it. If they still can’t provide you with the booklet, you are dealing with a rogue mover.

Make Your Local Move Legitimate, With Element Moving & Storage

Unfortunately, it can be easy to fall for a well-designed scam. However, with a little research and know-how under your belt, you can easily spot the difference between a rogue mover and a legitimate luxury moving team.

At Element Moving & Storage, we wear our dedication to our customers like a badge of honor and are prepared to help you move everything from standard furniture to valuable collections and pianos. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get your next move on our schedule.