7 Creative Uses for Your Spare Room

Sep 5, 2019 | Moving Blog

Do you have an unused spare room that’s just taking up space? Bring it to life by giving it a new purpose! Not everyone needs a spare bedroom. Depending on your family size and lifestyle, you could get much better use out of a media room, gym, or home office. Turn an empty bedroom into a crafter’s paradise or stock it with games and seating for weekly gatherings with friends.

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Not sure what to do with all the space you’ve got? Here are 7 ways you can put a spare room to good use in your new home.

Home Office

Home offices are convenient for telecommute days, after-hours work, and home-based businesses. Use yours as a space to work on projects or meet with clients. With so many professionals working from home these days, home offices have become one of the most popular requests from homebuyers.

Play Room

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If you have kids, or frequent visitors with kids, consider turning that spare room into a play space. Think chalkboard walls, beanbag chairs, and plenty of toys and storage bins. Include a daybed or pull-out sofa for sleepovers.

Reading Room

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and lose yourself in a good book. For enthusiastic readers, a quiet library or study can be like a mini vacation at home. Set up some extra-comfy seating with soft throw blankets and put in a tea or coffee station so you can sip something good while you relax.

Media Room

Movie lovers and sports fans will appreciate a media room where they can gather to watch the big game or the latest release. Projector screens are great for this purpose. Add a couple of couches and a mini fridge for drinks, and you’ve got an awesome hangout spot.

Home Gym

If you’re health-conscious, why not create a workout room at home? It could be as simple as free weights and a yoga mat, or it could incorporate weight machines and stationary bikes. Install a wall-mounted television to hold your attention while you get your cardio on.

Craft Room

Crafty types always need more space to keep their supplies. A dedicated craft room gives you plenty of space to store your beads and baubles. If you’re an artist, set up an easel in a well-lit room. If you’re into sewing, bring in a sewing table. The only limit is your imagination.

Game Room

Do your family and friends enjoy playing games? Take your game night to the next level with a room just for gaming. Kick it old-school with a big table and bookshelves stocked with board games, or make it modern with consoles and surround sound for the ultimate gaming experience.

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