5 Ways to Deal with Moving Stress

Jul 18, 2019 | Tips

Moving is without a doubt one of the most stressful situations you can go through, and it’s one that most of experience at some point. Between the disorganization of tossing things into boxes, the cost of renting a moving van or hiring movers, and the change of your familiar routines and scenery, it’s little wonder so many of us get stressed out by the moving process.

But stress doesn’t do anyone any good, and in fact it can be harmful to your body and your psyche. Even if you’re excited about the move, your body could have a stress response because it cannot distinguish good stress from bad stress. That’s why it’s important to find ways to cope with the stress that moving brings.

At Element Moving in Dallas, we are a full-service moving company that truly cares about our clients. We strive to make your moving experience as painless as possible, which we accomplish by providing exceptional customer service and sharing helpful information whenever possible. Here are five proven ways you can keep your moving stress to a minimum.

Don’t Get Stressed Out

Preparation is the key to avoiding stress while moving. It’s usually the last-minute details we don’t plan for that leave us scrambling to get things done. That’s when the stress sets in! Here are some ways to protect yourself from the usual moving anxiety.

Give Yourself Time

Things go wrong; it’s a fact of life. The best strategy is to accept that and plan for it by giving yourself ample time to pack, move, and deal with mishaps along the way. Moving often takes more time than we think it will, especially when you’re trying to move while also working and taking care of a family. Schedule time off if you can, and try to take a couple of extra days if possible. Don’t take on other projects that require a huge time commitment until you’ve gotten moved and had a chance to recover.

Acquire Boxes

Being short on time is stressful enough, but if you’re also short on boxes, your moving experience can quickly become a bad one. Starting a few weeks before your move, look for boxes wherever you shop. Grocery stores and Goodwill locations will often give them out for free. Online classifieds, friends and family are other good sources for free moving boxes. Don’t forget to collect free newspapers to pad your fragile items while in transit.

Sell, Trash, Donate

The more stuff you have, the more stressful moving can be. One way to pare down your possessions is to place them into three piles: sell, trash, or donate. If the item has financial value, you can put it up for sale. If it’s broken or used up, throw it away. If someone else might be able to get some use out of it, donate it. Reducing your stock of things can be very freeing and take a burden off of your mind.

Start Small

The way to chip away at a seemingly monumental task is by taking it one small step at a time. If you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your garage, start with a kitchen junk drawer. Then move on to a pantry or coat closet. Small victories add up in the fight against moving stress, and soon that garage won’t seem so unmanageable.

Call a Professional

Element Moving and Storage offers high-end, affordable moving and storage services for discerning clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Greater Austin areas. When you need help, we’ve got your back, whether you’re moving across town or across the world. Let us take the stress of moving off of your shoulders so you can focus on getting on with your life.

Element Moving and Storage: Your Stress-Free Solution in Austin and Dallas

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