3 Tips for Moving a Senior Family Member

Jun 12, 2020 | Moving Blog, Tips

When a senior family member needs your help with moving, it can be difficult to know how exactly you can help. Moving a senior requires patience, care, and a lot of planning. That’s why we’ve put together three tips to help you make the process as easy as possible. If you need more help moving your senior family member, call Element Moving and Storage. We offer specialized moving services for seniors, as well as short-term and long-term storage for anything they don’t want to give up. Here are some things you can do to make this transition easier for your senior loved one. 

Give Them Time to Grieve

If your family member has lived in their home for a long time, they might have decades of memories attached to the place. They might need to take some time to part with their home and accept the move, and it might be harder to work with them at first. This is completely normal. It’s hard to say goodbye to a place you’ve spent years in, so be patient and empathetic, and listen to them if they need to talk.

Get Help From Other Relatives

Your senior family member might get overwhelmed with a crew of strangers coming into their home and handling their belongings, so you should get as much help as possible from your family. Your loved one might be more comfortable with the people they know and love. Their comfort should be a priority in this moving process, so do what you can to reduce their anxiety around the move. Call up your parents, siblings, cousins, spouse, and whoever else can help with the move. If your senior family member knows and likes your friends, try getting those friends to help. This will make the experience better for everyone, and it’ll give you time to catch up with everyone. 

Sort and Downsize

As people get older, they get less capable of deep-cleaning and decluttering. Whether it be nostalgia or a physical problem, they might not be able to go through all their belongings and sort them out. You and your helpers will have to go through these belongings and downsize. Consult your loved one before throwing away or donating anything. If they have a collection of things they can’t part with but can’t fit into their new home, Element Moving and Storage offers high-security short and long-term storage units at a reasonable price. Your loved one deserves the ability to keep their things safe, which is why our storage units are equipped with security cameras and surveillance from the local law enforcement.

Specialized Senior Moving with Element Moving and Storage

If you need help moving a senior loved one into their new home, Element Moving and Storage can help. We offer moving services designed to make the process as comfortable as possible for your loved one, and our storage units are perfect for anything they don’t want to part with. Call or visit our website for a free quote on our excellent moving and storage services!