10 Tips for Finding A Reliable Moving Company

Jun 17, 2020 | Moving Blog, Services, Tips

When deciding on a moving company, it’s important to be picky. These people will be handling your personal belongings, and they’ll be inside your old and new home for a long time. Here are ten tips to help you find a reliable moving company. 

Get Referrals

Ask your family and friends if they’ve had any experiences with moving companies. If they praise any companies, you already have some names to search. Referrals can sometimes be faster and easier than searching through dozens of companies online. 

Find an Actual Company

The low prices may be tempting, but don’t hire movers on Craigslist. The people you hire will be in charge of moving your valuable items, so don’t take the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t belong to a reputable company.

Read Reviews

Even if a company has a flashy website and says they’ve got great reviews, check for yourself with Yelp or Google reviews. A company can say they offer 5-star services, but their reviews might tell a different story. Make sure their past clients are satisfied with the service they got, and try to look out for suspicious reviews that might’ve been written by the company. 

Check Their Rating on the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a great resource for checking whether or not a business has a good reputation. Highly impressed clients and extremely disappointed clients both take their reviews to the BBB when they have something to say. This might be one of the best ways to make sure a company has a good history. If they don’t have a BBB page at all, move on.

Watch Out for Red Flags

If a company demands up-front or cash payments, decline and keep looking. A reputable company will usually demand a 10-15% up-front payment that can be made in credit for extra security. Don’t let yourself get scammed into paying before the job is done. There are other red flags of a bad moving company, so if you get a bad feeling, go with it and hire someone else.

Get at Least Three Estimates

Never settle for one company when you could find a better price with another. Get at least three estimates from different reputable companies and compare them to see how much you can save.

Check Licensing, Insurance and Accreditations

Any reputable moving company will give you all the information you need about their licensing, insurance, and accreditations if you ask. Check their website and moving trucks for the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover logo, or check the AMSA’s official site to find credible moving companies.

Make Sure They Offer What You Need

If you need help packing, make sure a company offers it. The same goes for moving electronics, unpacking, and office or corporate moving. 

Check Their Moving Trucks When They Arrive

If the movers show up in a clearly branded truck, you’re probably fine. If they arrive in vague, unbranded trucks, that might be a sign that you should cancel. It’s better to be a little bit rude than to let a suspicious crew handle your belongings. 

Report Any Problems

With most  companies, you have nine months after the move to report any issues you had. If anything is broken, stolen, or missing, report it to the company. You might be able to get reimbursement for the items if you let them know in time.

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