When you are moving there are certain items that you should always carry with you.

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Always carry with you:

  1. Valuable documents  
    Birth certificates
    Social security cards
    Tax records
    Bank records
  2. Jewelry   
    All valuable jewelry, watches, rings, necklaces.
  3. Family Heirlooms   
    Photos / Photo Albums
  4. Liquids
    Cleaning products
  5. All medications

You should always take a supply of personal items with you.
This way when you arrive at your new home you have the necessities needed while waiting for your delivery truck.

Items should include:

lothing for up to 5 business days 

Bath/shaving products. (Tooth brush/ paste/ shampoo/ razors)

If you took your family pet, don’t forget their food and supplies.

Additional items such as soap, sponges, a roll of paper towels, plastic/paper plates and forks, bath towels for each family member, one pot, one pan, and cooking utensils will come in very handy. Have a blow up mattress to sleep on is also very beneficial!