Fine Art Storage

At Element Fine Art is in our DNA.

Art holds beauty, art can tell a story and art can be very expensive so it must be cared for properly to prevent irreversible damage. As DFW’s premiere Fine Art storage provider, we are equipped to transport, protect and secure all types of art both large and small. Finding Art Storage Solutions can be daunting because Storage for Paintings requires the utmost care and attention to detail. If you are looking for Art Canvas Storage, or Storage for Art Supplies, we have the tools to get the job done. We can even offer climate controlled options for your most precious of items.

Don’t let the story that your artwork tells end because of a bad choice in storage. Make sure that your items are returned in the same condition as when they were placed into storage. Call Element Moving and Storage today.

Our experienced office staff will be able to guide you through the moving process and provide you with a detailed Fine Art Storage quote. No other mover requires their staff to acquire relocation certifications, so their knowledge in the area of Storage for Art Supplies will be severely limited. We are your one-stop shop for Art Canvas Storage, contact us today and find out why.

Our passion for the arts is showcased by the numerous of national galleries, talented artists, sophisticated collectors and museum curators that we consistently work with. Element Storage of Fine Arts Storage center caters to the artist in all of us… With its state of the art security 24/7 indoor and outdoor monitoring alarmed system, Element’s Fine Art vault is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure the best possible storage for your fine art pieces. From paintings and sculptures to photographs, the Element team creates, collects, and cares about art just as do our clients.

Our Certified Moving Consultants are knowledgeable of precious artwork, therefore they are fully prepared to handle your precious and priceless pieces with ease and care. We are globally known to handle many valuable pieces of work, from shipping internationally to moving from a local gallery into your home. We cater to each unique piece with white gloves as we understand what can happen to a piece of work when not properly handled. Our fine art team is trained in wrapping, packing, and installation of all art work. Our facility has locked vaults for canvas artwork to ensure safety and temperature control.

Element Moving and Storage understands that art work is not defined only on canvas. We have adapted our facility to accommodate all mediums of the art world. From two-dimensional to statues Element Moving and Storage fine art storage will handle your priceless pieces of art work at museum level standards. It is highly recommended to crate all fine art pieces to ensure the prosperity of each piece. Crating specialists can build a crate specifically designed for the piece, shipment, and delivery.

Contact our Certified Moving Consultant to handle your fine art transportation.