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Spring cleaning any time of year- moving is a good time to purge

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We get it, it easy to enquire items and clutter over time, things that we never used or never will again, clothing that doesn’t fit or even irrelevant documents. It is always helpful to think of your upcoming Long Distance Moving experience as your very own personal spring, a new beginning. You can save money on a move by purging items that you will not need in your new home. Why move items that will only take up space and be stored? If you opt to have a walk through, be sure to inform your estimator about any items that will not be moved, as it will surely affect your quote.

Donation is an excellent way to purge excess belonging, and at Element, we work with several Charities, so we are happy to take your donations off your hands. Keep your move simple, move less, and always save money.

Remember, a new home, is a new beginning, so never let your old baggage tie your down. If we all live by this way of thinking, just think of the amount of space that we will all have for positive, new things and experiences in our lives. Always leave space for positivity to enter your daily life.

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