How Moving Companies Charge for Local or Long-Distance Moves

Jul 25, 2012 | Moving Help

Price of a Local or Long Distance Move

There are two types of professional moving services that you need to be aware of before your next local or long-distance move.

Companies will either charge you a flat rate or by the hour. Because of this, it’s important to establish your budget prior to contacting anyone.

To help determine which classification works best for you, consider the distance you’ll be moving. For anyone moving out of state, a moving company that charges a flat rate for their services might be a better option but for a person who only needs to move a few items, an hourly charge may end up saving them money. Ask the sales rep about any special deals or coupons that can be extended to you for additional savings.

If they’re packing for you too, inquire about charges for boxes, markers, bubble wrap, and packaging tape. Although these items may be an additional charge, if your schedule is impossibly busy, it may be worth the time and expense to have the company move you, and pack your items as well.

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