How to Organize Before Moving

Dec 20, 2014 | Blog, Uncategorized

Moving alone is stressful enough! Finding the right place, will it accommodate all my furniture, is the location good for family or myself, those are just a few of the thoughts that can overwhelm any person. Then it comes to finding the right movers and preparing for the actual move day. 

Normally by this time, it’s human nature to be downright exhausted from everything else. This is when it’s time to pull the final ounce of energy out of yourself and prepare to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. It’s almost done.

Preparing to Move

When preparing for your move day be conscious about time, efficiency, and let’s be honest, money. It’s always best practice to have everything in line. When I say in line, it’s simple. Know your belongings. Of course, it’s your stuff! Let me elaborate. 

So you have what feels like a million boxes cluttering up your house, apt, etc. make sure those boxes are labeled and put into a certain area. That way when the movers arrive, your home is staged. They can simply walk in and out with the boxes in a timely fashion. Time is of the essence when moving, so unless you are having your home packed for you, remember that the knick-knacks and paintings on the walls have to be packed too. We often forget about the little stuff that does eventually add up to a lot of space.

Another tip for preparing for the move, the “man cave”, otherwise known as the garage, all those tools, bolts, nuts, screws, and equipment. Make sure that it is just as organized as the house. I know that the garage can occasionally become the catch-all for everyone in the home; however, it’s that catch-all that has to be moved as well. Now is a good time to go through the garage and see what all you really need out of there. Those 4-year-old projects we all want to get to, but never had time, sitting there collecting dust, yep…time to discard! Don’t worry, we all have them….

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When your house is a blank canvas and everything is boxed, staged, and ready to go. You will appreciate the efficiency of the movers. In the end, it’s the basic concept of organization. The more organized and prepared you are for the actual move day, the faster the process will be, and all the stress you have felt for the last few months will be gone and you can enjoy your new home! Contact Element Moving to schedule your free moving estimate today!