Moving Advice from Dallas Moving Companies Take Your Houseplants With You on Your Next Move

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Element Gives Back, Tips, Uncategorized

When moving, most people consider packing and moving all the usual things…self, spouse, kid(s), furniture, toys, amenities, bikes, holiday decor, but have you considered all those indoor plants you’ve handled with the utmost of love and care?  Now home gardeners everywhere can rejoice in knowing that they can actually take plants and flora when they relocate.  Check with some of the Dallas moving companies whether or not your plants can come along for the ride. Moving plants and flowers can be difficult, but there are various steps you can take to make sure that your flora get to your new home properly. While it might be stressful to move your houseplants by yourself, some moving companies can provide you with tips or possible assistance in order to tackle this chore without trouble. But here are a few pointers to get started.  Indoor plants become stressed when they are shifted or messed with so transplant your flora to pots a few weeks beforehand to ensure they have time to adjust.  This makes them easier to handle during transport as well as making them tougher when it comes time for you to actually relocate them. In the 48 hours prior to moving day, package your flora in large boxes and secure the pot with packing paper, newspapers, towels, or any other materials so that it will not shift inside the box while it is moving. Leave the box open or cut the surface of the container so that there’s a hole where the top of the plant may come out. Label the box delicate, and let professional movers know that it is a live flower and needs special consideration.