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Element Moving was established in 2010 by Elle and Lee, a wife-and-husband team who believed moving companies should treat their customers as more than just a number. The goal was to offer a boutique service that catered to a specific individual. Someone with a deep appreciation for their belongings and high expectations of the moving and storage service to whom those belongings were entrusted.

Lee had many years of experience in the moving industry. He knew what customers were hoping for when they hired a mover. He also knew what other companies were not giving them. On the business side, Elle had the experience to attract new business and, in less than a decade, assist in growing the number of jobs by a monthly average of 400 percent. Together with a highly-qualified operations staff and a large staff of professionally-certified movers, Element Moving has become one of the Dallas and Austin area’s most incredible small business success stories.



From the beginning, the mission of Element Moving has been simple: provide their clients in the Dallas and Austin areas with the highest level of quality for moving services. Over time, that mission extended to storage and specialty services as well.

But a mission statement is simple to put together and more challenging to execute. Without a high-quality team, a mission statement is just words on a page. What made Element different from the very beginning was how every single person invested themselves in making that mission a reality. Today, everyone — from the operations manager to the crew unloading trucks — sees Element Moving as a professional career choice. It isn’t an ordinary job, and customers are viewed with more importance than the “just a paycheck” mindset so many fly-by-night moving companies hold.



Element Moving delivers more than just boxes. It delivers a level of professionalism to each moving job that is unparalleled and, some might even say, unprecedented for the moving industry. A few of the ways the company strives to go the extra mile include the following:

  • Laying down floor coverings so as not to damage tiles or carpets when moving heavier loads
  • Providing wall or banister protection to guard against scuff marks when moving in and out of a residence or office
  • Working more closely with the client on specific considerations so all materials are packed, stored, unpacked, and transported with the TLC expected
  • Assessing the full scope of each job in advance so clients know what to expect from cost and logistics standpoints prior to moving day
  • Delivering a safe, secure moving and storage experience 24/7
  • Working on tight deadlines, also around-the-clock to ensure our clients are ready to go at their convenience

These qualities have grown Element Moving to a company that takes on around 200 new jobs each month in addition to providing ongoing support for the existing clientele. And the numbers show no signs of slowing down as it looks to expand in the coming years.



For Elle and Lee, the company has always been about more than its industry. They take great pride in quality moving and storage services, but it’s the underlying benefit those services provide that really makes the business come to life.

It’s a focus that has made Element Moving a benefit to the communities where it resides. When they take a job, they’re not doing it with money or moving as their focal points. They see their services as a way to support small businesses and, whenever possible, give back to the community. That is why when they needed to work around the clock to get the Adolphus Hotel ready for the public at the end of its most recent renovation, they did so without question.

Movers gave of themselves, working night and day until the job was ready and the city had back one of its most beautiful and historic landmarks. But you don’t have to have hosted monarchs and US Presidents to receive that same level of commitment. At Element Moving, every customer is treated like they’re the only customer. The Neshers and their staff wouldn’t have it any other way.



You do not have to give Element Moving much of your time to see the difference between them and other moving companies in the Dallas and Austin areas. They’re a rapidly growing business built on a commitment to their customers, community, and giving back. This attitude is why they have some of the highest customer ratings across the Internet, and why most everyone agrees that here, you’re more than just a number. If you’re ready to experience the difference, contact Element Moving today or drop by one of their locations in Carrollton, Austin, and Dallas.