Get Smart About Moving

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Uncategorized

Moving is stressful and expensive. Be a smart consumer and save yourself from possible pitfalls by using available information resources.

  1. The U.S Department of Transportation Household Goods Program is an excellent source of information. Their website is Start there for any of your questions or concerns.
  2. An industry resource with many good suggestions is the American Moving and Storage Association. Their website is Their reliable information will be helpful.
  3. Another industry resource is the International Association of Movers. They provide some unique information. Their website is
  4. Every State has moving resources and complaint processes. Start at the State’s website, and if you do not see an exact moving site, go to the attorney general’s area.
  5. As always, contact the Better Business Bureau where you are and where you are moving.
  6. Ask friends, family, and business acquaintances for recommendations. Believe me, if they have had a really good experience or a really bad experience, they will be more than happy to share it.