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Our Moving Team

The Element Moving Team is invaluable to the success of our business. While Elle and Lee started this company, they knew it would never blossom without the contributions of quality individuals from sales to operations to the movers themselves. Working here is not something just anyone can do. It takes an attitude of professionalism and a commitment to bringing value to the customer regardless of job size or customer identity.

When you go with Element Moving, you can expect to have the best people in this industry working for you. Here’s a brief overview of each along with some details on their specific contribution and how it will affect your move.

Elle Nesher, Co-Owner

Elle’s business acumen can be seen in the exponential growth of Element Moving since 2010. While the best marketing is a high-quality product or service such as the kind Element Moving provides, she knows how to get the word out and attract more customers as evidenced by the 400 percent growth in average monthly jobs from business-launch to the present. Elle also is a quality teambuilder with a talent for finding balanced professionals who are good at what they do and committed to going the extra mile for their customers.

Lee Haviv , Co-Owner

Lee is a moving industry veteran, who co-founded Element Moving with the desire to give customers what they were missing from other moving companies. His belief that a big move is about more than just getting from point A to point B has powered the mission and performance of the company over time. Lee didn’t want to hire just anyone to help with this mission. He wanted professionals, and his industry knowledge and experience made that possible. With complete buy-in from his team, Lee has overseen the training and professional development of his crews from day one. Thanks, in part, to Lee, customers know their belongings are in the best hands through every part of their relocation or storage needs.

The Operations Team

Handling a large, complex move on-time and under-budget requires a great deal of logistical support. You get that from the quality, not the number, of the people you employ. Our operations team is small, but they’re among the best in the industry and absolutely steal the show in the Dallas and Austin areas.

The Operations Manager: A man of mystery! In reality, our operations manager is a private individual more comfortable conducting the orchestra than appearing on a website. But we can’t thank him enough for the time he puts into planning and logistics. He keeps each of our clients — from small and large businesses to private individuals — happy with the attention to detail and commitment to on-time delivery that he makes possible.

Jazimine and Kelly, Customer Service: Delivering quality customer service requires attentiveness to the customer and an uncanny ability to envision their desires and expectations even when not explicitly stated. Fortunately, Jazimine was blessed with that ability. She’s a great listener, a fantastic communicator, and a valuable go-between for bridging any gaps between the customer and our moving crews. Thier efforts ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the move, and she places all of us in a position where we can add value.

Joey, Doug, and Kyle, Relocation Specialist: Our sales team helps us seek and find new business while delivering top-notch support to existing and recurring customers. We’re small but effective in this regard. We’ve talked about a large number of jobs handled each month compared to when we started — obviously, Joey, Doug, and Kyle have been a huge part of the growth. They know how to communicate the core of what we do, talk pricing and logistics, and match clients with the services they need.

Lisa, Jared, and Matt, Business Development: Setting clear expectations is vital to delivering the quality of service on which Element Moving was built. Many moving companies pay this short shrift by not listening to their prospective customers or failing to ask the right questions. Thanks to Lisa, we don’t have that problem. As outside estimator, Lisa assesses furniture and does a full inventory of everything in a home or office before one dollar changes hands. Through Lisa, we’re able to up the quality of our service free-of-charge so clients and would-be clients know exactly what to expect for time and budget from the outset. If you plan on moving anything larger than a one-bedroom, then we definitely encourage you to reach out to Lisa.

Our Movers: Each of our movers is background-checked and drug-tested. They’re also vetted in the industry and very professional in appearance and service delivery. We also require ongoing training and certifications so no industry breakthrough that would ensure a higher quality of service goes unnoticed. Best of all, they work in teams, so they’re familiar with each other, their place on the team, and what they’re supposed to be doing. They work together every step of the way to make moving jobs happen quickly, thus ensuring an overall great experience for our customers.

If you’re ready to make your move happen, or if you’d like to know more about our various storage options, contact us today for a free quote.

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