A repeat customer gets moved on our coldest day!


Moving in Winter – Customer Testimonial

“We had to move houses which is a huge stressor. On top of it Dallas had a snow storm like never before. You would expect a complete disaster! However, we had the complete opposite experience with Element Moving. They changed our appointments to make sure we could still get our move in before the storm hit its peak. Those workers would stop what they were. doing to help my pregnant self to carry my coffee and a small box I was carrying to my car! I couldn’t believe it. I have done moves in the past that were TERRIBLE with other moving companies.

This is my second move with Element Moving and I would recommend them ten times over. Worth every cent!!! Not to mention they delivered these plastic crates (about 75 of them) and it made our packing so easy because we didnt have to build two hundred thousand cardboard boxes and dispose of the trash after. Instead when we were done they came and picked them up! Honestly from setting up the initial pick up with Joanne, the estimate with Lee, the actual move the movers, all the way to crate pick up– it was the best it could of been!!!!”