5 Things to Help Making a House a Home – AGAIN!

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Uncategorized

Unpacking after arriving is always a daunting task. All those boxes! The most elemental rule for a successful unpacking is to label smart when you are packing. It may take a minute or two more, but it will be well worth it when unpacking. On the box, list what room the items are from. Also, try to list as many items as possible on the box. Let us offer some additional practical suggestions for surviving the unpacking challenge.

1. Patience. You cannot do it all at once. Give yourself plenty of breaks.

2. Persistence. Have a goal, even if it is a modest one. Try two boxes in the morning and two boxes in the afternoon. If you have the energy, then do one or two at night.

3. Do at least one bathroom first. Then do the kitchen.

4. Decide ahead of time if you want the movers to put the boxes in specific rooms or into a single space such as the garage.

5. Find a recycling location for the boxes.