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6 Good Reasons to Move in the Fall

best movers dallasFall. The very word conjures up the sweet aroma of a pumpkin spice latte, cool air, and a welcome change of scenery.  Available discounts, a wide range of choices, and comfortable weather are a few of the perks of moving at this time of year, and why people rave about it.

Here are six reasons why moving in fall is practically the best.

1). Available Housing

If you live in a college town, chances are universities and colleges will open up their properties to plenty of new tenants. These tenant owners look for folks with good rental and employment history, and are more likely to approve a working professional than a college freshman, in spite of the location. And in any regular town, autumn has a lot of leftovers from units that weren’t rented over the summer that are easy pickings come September and October.

2). Lower Prices

While others are saving up for Christmas or selling items in a garage sale, you could be searching for a new home at a bargain price. Fall is famous for its flexible housing prices, since many are saving instead of spending, and those looking for properties in this season can find a plethora of apartments and housing for a discounted price. 

If you wait until November, take advantage of black Friday sales and stock up on moving supplies, 

3). Less Hassle

You can take your time when moving in fall. Oftentimes, families search property to property in the spring and summer so they can have a space ready in time for the school year. Avoiding the peak renting period from between Memorial Day and Labor Day sets you up to be the primary customer at apartments waiting for the next tenant. With much less competition, you can find an apartment without having to compete with families during the spring and summer rush.

4). Temperate Climate

No sweat, no tears! Fall weather, especially if you live in the south, is a wonderful advantage during your move. No one likes crating boxes in the heat or freezing in winter. Fall is the perfect time to unpack and unload everything you need. But don’t wait too long – November is only a month or two away. But if you live in a temperate climate, no need to worry! 

Ok, you’re bound to break a sweat no matter what season you move in, but at least in the fall you can get (depending on your area) a crisp breeze when unloading from house to house. 

5). Moving Options

It’s not just the property to be concerned with. Come autumn, moving companies experience a slowdown that allows their freer schedule a much higher flexibility when booking a move. But don’t wait until the day before – calling six-eight weeks in advance is ideal, but a week or two before a move in the fall is also much more doable than in the summer. And even on short notice, the slow season of fall means a lot more choice in choosing your favorite moving company. 

And when looking for a professional move, check which family-owned companies might be able to give you a discount. It’s not all nationwide chains to look for when booking. Mom-and-pop-owned small business are often the safest and most reliable sources to turn to when you need a move. They’re often the ones to count on when booking anything on short notice in the fall months.

6). Down Time

Moving in the autumn season isn’t just for the budget-friendly rent rates or temperate weather. Fall is a lovely enough season that when the going gets rough, you can treat yourself at the local Starbucks or take a stroll outside to get some fresh air. Packing is hard work as it is, and taking a breather outdoors with a book and a hot beverage can be enough to recharge your system and get back to work, ready to de-clutter and re-organize a thousand different boxes.

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